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Health Surveillance Referrals

For many people, their workplace may actually make them ill or exacerbate an existing medical condition. Our health surveillance programmes identify issues in the workplace so they can be dealt with before they become problems.

Protect you and your staff.

As a responsible employer who cares for your workforce, you can introduce a health screening programme which monitors staff who are at risk of developing problems due to the environment in which they work. Phoenix Occupational Health will design a bespoke health surveillance regime which takes the needs of your company into account, protecting both you and your staff from the impact of illness.

Health surveillance is a proactive and positive approach to occupational health. Rather than simply dealing with problems as they occur, we aim to prevent them by helping you identify potential hazards and put appropriate safeguarding measures in place.

Our screening tests can spot the very first signs of a health problem so it can be treated before it develops. By acting on early symptoms, the condition can often be successfully treated without the need for absence from the workplace.

Your needs in mind.

Your health surveillance programme will be developed with the needs of your organisation in mind. It could include skin assessments for those dealing with hazardous materials, hearing tests for staff working in noisy environments and lung function tests for employees in workplaces containing substances linked to respiratory problems.

As well as helping protect the wellbeing of individual employees, health surveillance can identify areas where more needs to be done to reduce risk.

Phoenix Occupational Health has a proven track record providing robust health surveillance to companies from a wide range of sectors in Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire and South Cheshire.

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