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Hearing Tests

Hearing tests are an important part of safeguarding the health of your employees and essential for those working in noisy environments.

A man cupping his hand to his ear.
A female taking a hearing test.

Detecting noise hazard areas in your business.

Audiometric tests accurately measure hearing levels as well as an individual’s ability to distinguish speech from background noise and recognise pitch and different sound intensities. This type of testing is mandatory if staff are exposed to a noise hazard in the workplace.

Phoenix Occupational Health can help you find out whether there are noise hazard areas on your site by recommending an occupational hygienist who will conduct a noise survey. We can then carry out audiometric tests on all affected workers so we can detect any hearing loss as soon as it occurs.

Expert advice for you and your workforce.

We recommend that hearing tests are carried out on all employees as soon as they start working for your company. This will allow us to uncover any existing problems with hearing and identify any individuals who are particularly at risk.

We will work with you to ensure your organisation is complying with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005).

Our team will offer you expert advice and support on ways to protect hearing in the workplace and reduce noise. We will also identify any early noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) amongst your staff so action can be taken to treat the problem and prevent further damage.

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