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Covid-19 Triage Calls

The Covid 19 Triage service has been developed to provide a rapid medical vulnerability risk assessment in order to support the return to work for employees who may have health conditions that could impact on risk to health when exposed to Coronavirus. We have been doing this with the NHS since the start of the pandemic and have access to many versions of Covid Risk Assessments. We have adapted a version that meets our needs. We also consider elements such as BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) and Covid Age.

Service offered.

  • Ad-hoc Service available for all sizes of business
  • You do not have to be a client
  • A telephone assessment with an individual to discuss their concerns regarding Covid 19
  • A discussion around their risk of both contracting Covid 19, and also developing complications should they be infected
  • A medical report will be provided that will give that will give an opinion on that individuals medical vulnerability to Covid 19 and whether they need to shield. Also, we will advise of any adjustments or support that is needed
  • Appointments can be made quickly, and the reports provided within the hour.

What about those who need to shield

As an employer you will have employees who tell you that they need to shield, but do you know that this is true, and how can you provide support to that person? What level of “shielding” is required? Does the employee fit into the high-risk category rather than shielding category and what does this mean to you?

The Covid Triage service has been designed to rapidly assess any employee who says that they cannot work due to Covid 19. We will assess their health status and provide you the employer with an opinion of whether clinically they need to shield.

Also, we will consider what would need to happen in the workplace to enable this employee to return to work.

Nurse wearing face mask
Nurse wearing face mask

When to use the service:

The Covid Triage service is designed to support employees in the following circumstances: 

  • If any employee tells you that they have to
  • If an employee tells you that they have symptoms, and they want to know if these mean they, or their family, have to self
  • Interpretation of the guidance and how this impacts on the individuals fitness to return to work
  • Confusion regarding the COVID-19 test result and what this means in terms of fitness for

What’s involved and how do I access this?

The COVID-19 Triage Service is offered on an ad-hoc basis, there is no need to be an existing client of ours.

  • The cost per call is £35 + vat, payment is required in advance of the call if you are not a
  • The assessment takes approx. 20 – 30 minutes
  • We provide a quick turnaround of assessment and report, with a focus on clear, concise, and up to date advice which will enable you to manage your employee’s absence and health.

For further detail on this service and how you can access it, call us on 01782 771935 or email info@phoenixoh.com

The Covid Triage service has been designed to rapidly assess any employee who says that they cannot work due to Covid 19.

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